“Where Gardeners come to Bloom”  We meet at the Nestleton Hall the first Tuesday of every month, except for March which will be the second Tuesday, at 7:30pm. There are no meetings in January and February.

Membership is open to anyone who loves learning how to start a garden in any container or plot of land to any seasoned gardener who wishes to expand their knowledge, all in a warm and friendly environment.

For the low price of $20 single membership, $25 family (two adults at the same address) you will get far more out of the meetings with speakers, seasonal gardening tips and more.

Just click on the ”Membership” tab above for our form.

Read up on the events at our club and get some gardening tips – from our own Helen Nicolaou in The Standard, October edition.

Hope everyone has taken the time to relax and take a drive or nature walk to enjoy the summer like weather this past weekend. The cold nights and sunny days of September produced the perfect conditions for the trees to give us this rare brilliant show. Feeling re-energized we can again focus to the task at hand to gather up our supplies for protecting our shrubs, roses, fruit trees from winter damaging ice and snow. Fabric burlap is a natural fabric that can be reused for several seasons and Skoot taste spray will deter those rodent pests, deer and skunks. Have a look at the nurseries for some discounts offered on fall plants and there is still time to plant hardneck garlic and spring bulbs.    
Come the dreary days in January and watching the snow falling outside, you may create an early indoor potted display or a planter to place on your porch consisting of spring bulbs.  To force your bulbs place 2 inches of potting soil in the bottom of a pot, arrange your bulbs then fill with moist mix just to the necks of the bulbs. Then place in a cool area such as an unheated basement or garage for the appropriate time depending on the variety and when you would like them to bloom. Hyacinths and tulips require a chill time of 10-16 wks, daffodils need 2-3 wks and paperwhites do not need any chill time. Once brought out of the cool temperatures and placed into a warm room with sunlight the bulbs will bloom approximately 2-3 wks. later. 
Members took advantage of a beautiful, sunny October day and have planted some key shrubs at the Nestleton Community Centre. Guests will now be welcomed by Little Lime Hydrangea, variegated gold euonyomus, perennial red blanket flower and calamint.  Tulips and daffodils were also planted to brighten up the spring garden for 2023. More plants to come for next year.
The October 4th meeting was well attended with our Dessert Night Fundraiser. Our speakers Ginny Colling spoke on Climate and Debra Pearson spoke on Resilient Gardening in an Era of Uncertainty. With this important information we will need to adjust our practices to be successful with our gardens and do our part for preserving our land for future generations to enjoy. The meeting was very informative and a sweet success. 
Tuesday November 1 at 730, registered members will be attending a hands on workshop designing a Holiday Centrepiece  using fresh pine boughs and greenery with Gail Marie Cameron of Village Florist of Nestleton. Remember to bring your secators, gloves and also to bring any extra accessories to emmbelish and personalize your centrepiece. Looking forward to seeing you all at the workshop at the Nestleton Community Centre.

November’s Centrepiece Workshop

See more photos …tap the ‘photos’ tab at the top of the page.

Visit the Ontario Horticultural Society’s Autumn edition of Trillium, click below-


To view this publication click on the link.

Check out the new activities at the Toronto Botanical Garden : https://torontobotanicalgarden.ca/


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