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“Where Gardeners come to Bloom”  We meet at the Nestleton Hall the first Tuesday of every month, except for March which will be the second Tuesday, at 7:30pm. There are no meetings in January and February.

Membership is open to anyone who loves learning how to start a garden in any container or plot of land to any seasoned gardener who wishes to expand their knowledge, all in a warm and friendly environment.

For the low price of $15 single membership, $20 family (two adults at the same address) you will get far more out of the meetings with speakers, seasonal gardening tips and more.

Just click on the ”Membership” tab above for our form.

Hard at work in the Pioneer Garden at Scugog Shores Museum

The Standard

Keep up on gardening tips written by Helen Nicolaou, in the Port Perry newspaper, The Standard.

With a great sigh of relief, the first day of spring has come and was a welcome sight with the warm winds and longer, sunny days to melt the banks of snow almost overnight.
If you wintered your favourite geranium and would like to try your hand to propagate some cuttings. Then it’s fairly easy and nothing to lose since there’s not a whole lot of gardening to be done outdoors yet. Start by taking a 6″ cutting and removing all but the top leaves. Place the cuttings in rooting hormone to quicken the root development and place in moist soilless products like vermiculite or perlite. Once the roots are present, you can pot your cuttings until the weather is favourable to plant outside. Many other plants can be propagated by cuttings, like shrubs, roses, trees, and even herbs such as rosemary. To continue, please click on the link below.

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The annual Pioneer Days Celebration at the Scugog Shores Museum.  Pine Ridge Garden Club members are standing in front of the pioneer garden that is maintained and curated by the club. 

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